Sentence Key

Sentence Key is designed for the Apple iPad. It also runs on iPhones preferably those with larger size screens i.e. iPhone Plus. It includes 72 sentences and animated pictures.

Sentence Key Chores is a similar app with 91 new sentences and pictures.

Beginning language learners create a sentence with words or picture symbols, then see the sentence animated!  Suitable for special education needs including AAC users and learners with autism, orthopedic impairment, or language disorders. 

Title Screen

sentence key title screen


· Select four symbols or words to "write" a sentence. 
· 72 possible animated sentences. 
· Text and speech in correct grammatical form 
· Touch the text below the animation to replay and hear it again. 
· Word-by-word highlighting promotes word recognition. 
· Choices are color-coded (Yellow-subject, Green-verb, Orange-object) 
· User-friendly: no in-app purchases, ads or links. 

Sentence Key - Normal Mode

sentence key student screen normal

The student makes a valid sentence by selecting words/symbols in the proper order. The student is rewarded by an animation that illustrates the sentence. A star is awarded if it was completed without any incorrect selections.

After 10* sentences the student is presented with a new set of symbols. There are about 30 symbols and 72 possible sentences. (* see options)

Sentence Key Chores is a separate app with 91 new sentences and pictures.

Sentence Key Chores - Normal Mode

sentence key chores

The teacher/aide/parent can change the symbols and setup other options by touching the Options button and then touching OK to confirm. The options button is the gear symbol at the bottom left of the main screen.

Options Screen - Change Symbols etc.

sentence key teacher options


· Show symbols only, words only, or both. 
· Reset and review data for an individual session. 
· Choose from 8 pre-arranged sets of symbols/words.
· Change/delete specific symbols/words. 
· Automate change to a new set of symbols/words after 5/10/15/20 sentences. 
· Quiz mode where the learner describes a random picture. 

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Student Screen - Words Only

sentence key - words only

Additional options are accessed by touching the More button.

More Options Screen

sentence key - more options

These options include Match Picture mode and Auto Symbol Change.

Student Screen - Match Picture Mode

sentence key student screen 1

In Match Picture mode, the student must select words/symbols in the proper order to describe the picture. A new picture is presented after each success.

Scan Options (version 1.1)

New versions of Sentence Key and Sentence Key Chores include options for
autoscan and use with an external bluetooth switch (see below). This option may
not work with all switches. We hope to get feedback on which switches work OK.

scan options

Use the iPad Settings panel to pair and connect to your switch before selecting
the Single Switch option. If no switch is found the iPad virtual keyboard will pop-up.

Common Core Standards

Sentence Key supports the common core standards in Language Arts. 
· Writing: Use a combination of drawing, dictating and writing to compose informative text. 
· Reading, Foundational Skills: Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic features of text. 
· Language: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar. 
· Reading Informational Text: Describe the relationship between illustrations and the text in which they appear. 

Sentence Key is family- friendly and suitable for school use. It does not include advertisements, web links, or in-app purchases.

privacy badge no ads

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