Support: iPad / iPhone Apps

For instructions on using our apps please see the products menu:

Our apps are designed for iPad size screens but can be used on iPhones.

For External Switch support go to our Switch Support Guide.

iOS update problems

If you experience problems running our apps after updating iOS please try deleting the app and then reinstall it (free) from the App Store.

Apple's iOS 8.01 update caused some apps to crash. Catch the Cow has been updated to correct an incompatibility issue that resulted in blank screens.

All our apps are English language only.

Autoscan and Switch Support

Our apps include built-in options for single switch autoscan and direct multi-switch. The Switch Control accessibility option provided with iOS is not used. It is normally set OFF when using our apps.

You must pair and connect your switch before selecting the external switch option. If the iPad Soft Keyboard appears your switch is NOT connected. If the Soft Keyboard is detected, the app will return to the Options screen so you can reset the switch option or try to connect the switch.

Known Issues and FAQs

Sentence Key and Sentence Match - Picture Symbol Size

The picture symbols as displayed are too small for older iPhone screens. Our apps work best with larger size iPad and iPhone Plus screens.

All Apps - Allow Microphone or Allow Alerts

On starting an app you may be asked to allow the app to use the microphone. None of our apps use the microphone or send alerts at this time. Click on either Dont Allow or OK to continue.

Sentence Match and Sentence Match Chores

Highlighting When the sentence is repeated with word highlighting, the last word(s) does not get highlighted.

Tom's Times Tables

The advance button only appears if you have no more than two misses. This is as designed.

The basic version does not include the switch control, voicing or other teacher options. The pro version is a separate product (not an update) and it includes special ed. and other teacher options.


Click here for Resources for Teachers and Parents

The February 2014 edition of Closing the Gap includes an excellent article by Joan Tannenhaus "OS7 and the iPad" re available switches that work with our apps, and switch control options in iOS 7

For specific support questions send email to

Please describe the problem and include details on what you were doing before the problem occurred, product version, date purchased, operating system, available memory etc. 

For our discontinued Windows products please go to Windows Product Support

updated 10 Nov 2017