Our products are easy-to-use with intrinsic reinforcement for successful completion that keep the user engaged in the learning task. A "try 'til you fly" approach! Most of our products are designed for use by children or adults with special education needs including AAC users and learners with autism, orthopedic impairment, or language disorders.

Our apps are easy-to-use and do not include advertisements, web links, or in-app purchases.
Computerade Products supports the family-friendly goals for apps set by "Moms with Apps".

no ads or in=app purchases

Our apps are available in Apple's App Store for iPad and iPhone.
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Our Sentence Match Bundle includes Sentence Key, Sentence Key Chores, Sentence Match and Sentence Match Chores. You get four apps for less than the cost of three.

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catchthecowCatch the Cow™   
-- scanning selection training & assessment aid
-- autoscan and external switch options*

sentencematchSentence Match  
-- recognize sentence structure and meaning
-- autoscan and external switch options*

Sentence Match Chores  
-- Sentence Match with a new set of 91 sentences & pictures

-- autoscan and external switch options*

sentencekeySentence Key
-- compose and learn basic sentence structure
-- autoscan and external switch options*

sentencekeySentence Key Chores  
-- Sentence Key with a new set of 91 sentences & pictures
-- autoscan and external switch options*

sentencekeyTom's Times Tables  
-- learn, practice and memorize multiplication tables (basic version)
-- our first app designed for a general population

sentencekeyTom's Times Tables PRO
-- pro version includes teacher options, results data, and special ed features
-- pro version includes options for voicing, scanning and switch control

* autoscan and bluetooth external switch control for special needs are included in our products except for Tom's Times Tables basic. Compatible Bluetooth switches are available from RJ Cooper and AbleNet.

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Our Windows products are now discontinued, They were sold by Mayer-Johnson, LLC

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