About Us: Computerade Products

Computerade Products, a.k.a. Computerade, was founded in 1989 by Jana and Michael Birch.

Our iOS apps are available in Apple's App store. Our software for Windows PCs is no longer available.

Jana Birch MA, president, is a special education teacher working in San Diego Unified School District. Jana has extensive experience in assistive technology, augmentative communication and working with individuals with physical and health impairments at a range of cognitive levels including individuals on the autistic spectrum.

J. Michael Birch MSEE, vice-president has many years of experience in designing and developing educational and entertainment software for Control Data (PLATO), GTE Entertainment and Compass Learning, as well as for Computerade.

Michael is available as a consultant on game development and the complex legal and technical issues related to software development contracts.

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last updated 2 May 2017