Sentence Key - Credits


Sentence Key was designed and developed by Computerade Products specifically for the iPad. We hope you will find the app to be easy-to-use and very useful for beginning language learners.

The app design and programming were developed by Michael Birch and Jana Birch of Computerade Products. However we would like to acknowledge the other people that made this app possible and the history and educational basis for the design.

The color animations were created by James Staunton based on the art and style of a B&W Hypercard product by Ann K Morgan M.S. The design concept is based on Edith Fitzgerald's Straight Language Key methodology as adapted by Grace Cavanagh at P.S. 176 in New York City and developed in consultation with Elisa Cohen M.S. CCC, Speech and Language Pathologist. The Hypercard product development was funded by a grant from the New York Community Trust.

Computerade Products also developed Picture Sentence Key for Windows which is distributed by Mayer-Johnson LLC.

The Picture Communication Symbols were designed by Roxanne Mayer-Johnson and others at Mayer-Johnson LLC. Special thanks to Terry Johnson for his encouragement. There are now over 3,000 PCS and they are used extensively in all types of learning activities and lessons. Contact Mayer-Johnson LLC for more information.

PCS Picture Commmunication Symbols Copyright 1981-2012 Mayer-Johnson LLC. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Used with permission.

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Sentence Key Copyright 2013 Computerade Products



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