Sentence Match

Sentence Match is designed for the Apple iPad. It also runs on iPhones preferably those with larger size screens i.e. iPhone Plus. It includes 72 sentences and animated pictures.

Sentence Match Chores is a similar app with 91 different sentences and animated pictures.

Sentence Match helps children and adults with physical or learning disabilities, to recognize that words and sentences have meanings corresponding to actions in animated pictures.

Title Screen

Touch either Sentences or Pictures to begin.



On choosing Sentences the student screen will have 3 sentences and a picture.
The student chooses the sentence that corresponds to the picture.


If you choose Pictures the student screen will have 3 pictures and a sentence.
The student chooses the picture that corresponds to the sentence.


A star is awarded if the first choice is correct. Incorrect choices are crossed out. When the student makes a correct choice the screen changes to show only the correct sentence and picture. The sentence is voiced with word by word highlighting and the picture is animated again. Touch the sentence to repeat it. Otherwise touch Next for a new set of choices.


Touch the Teacher button then touch OK to select Options.

Set the number of choices to 2, 3 or 4 Sentences, or Pictures.
Touch Reset to reset the Student score (stars, % correct etc.)
Touch More for additional Options, or touch Done.

More Options

The Difficulty Level determines whether the choices are similar. At the Hard level only one word is different. The Teacher can also choose not to show the symbol name, or to show only the words in the Sentence. (see below)

Student Data

When Options are displayed, student data is displayed for the Teacher. In the
above example the student has made a correct choice 75% of the time and has
made 8 tries. The current mode is 3 sentence choices at medium difficulty level.
After changing options use the Reset button to reset (zero) the data.

Scan Options (version 1.1)

New versions of Sentence Match and Sentence Match Chores include options for
autoscan and use with an external bluetooth switch (see below). This option may
not work with all switches. We hope to get feedback on which switches work OK

Use the iPad Settings panel to pair and connect to your switch before selecting
the Single Switch option. If no switch is found the iPad virtual keyboard will pop-up.

If Scan On is set, each possible selection is highlighted in turn. Touch anywhere on the iPad screen, or use an external bluetooth switch to choose the highlighted selection.

The Multil-Switch option is for external bluetooth switches that act like 1, 2, 3, 4 keys.

Sentence Match is family- friendly and suitable for school use. It does not include advertisements, web links, or in-app purchases.

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Sentence Match for iPad ©2013 by Computerade Products, Cardiff, CA.
Sentence Match Chores for iPad ©2013 by Computerade Products, Cardiff, CA.
All Rights Reserved.

Apple and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc.

The Picture Communication Symbols ©1981–2010 by Mayer-Johnson LLC.
All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Used with permission.


updated 11 Sep 2013