Tom's Times Tables

Tom's Times Tables is an app for the Apple iPad or iPhone.
Learn, practice and memorize multiplication tables in a simple but novel manner. 
Tom's Times Tables PRO is a separate app fpr teachers and/or special education.
The PRO version saves results and provides voicing, switch control and other options.

Title Screen

Tom's Arithmetic Title


· Select 1x thru 12x multiplication table or advance automatically. 
· Fun but focused learning, with a novel intuitive interface.
· Tap correct answer from one of 16 answers displayed around screen 
· Tap correct answer in sequential (1 to 12) order or in random order. 
· Percent correct and elapsed time are shown on completing a table.
· User-friendly: no in-app purchases, ads or links. 

Student Screen - Normal Mode

7x Start Screen

The student taps on the correct answers in order from 7x1=, 7x2= etc.

Student Screen - Random Mode

7x random screen

The student taps on the correct answers in the order shown 8x11=, 8x10= etc.

Progress Screen - Percent Correct and Time

7x random screen

Option to advance to the next table is shown if less than 3 misses. 

Pro Version - Teacher & Switch Control Options

The Pro version adds teacher options, voicing, results data, and switch controlled scanning.
The results and options shown in the following screen are not in the regular version,
The [?] boxes provide information on each of the options when touched

Teachers access this screen by touching a button in the center, and an OK confirm button.

Pro version options

Pro Version - Four (4) Answer Options

The Pro version includes an option to show only four (4) possible answers.
This option can also be used with autoscan and an optional Bluetooth switch.

Pro version 4 answers

Tom's Educational Design

Tom's Times Tables is based on an arithmetic board created by Thomas Birch ~ 1950. Tom was head of the Maths & Science Department at Padgate Teacher Training College in England. A light bulb in the center of the board lit up when the student touched wires to the numerator and correct answer. Cards for each times table were placed over the wired pegs. Cards were also available for addition and subtraction.

Common Core Standards

Tom's Times Tables supports the common core standards in Mathematics

Tom's Times Tables is family- friendly and suitable for school use. It does not include advertisements, web links, or in-app purchases.


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