Version 2.0
volumes I and II

Picture Sentence Key for Windows

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Picture Sentence Key helps children learn how to put words together to make simple sentences. Designed for use by children with language disorders, this software is an excellent tool for any child who needs to learn how to connect words together to make complete statements. The software is highly structured. Within that structure, the child can choose what words will go together to make a sentence. The meaning in each statement is clearly illustrated by an animated picture.

Sample student screens for Picture Sentence Key Volume I and II (shown 25% of normal size):

Picture Sentence Key - Vol I Picture Sentence Key - Vol II
  Sample from Vol 1
Sample from Vol 2
 eating, drinking and pouring activities
  cleaning, sweeping and household chores

After clicking on the Teacher button, the teacher can change the selection of symbols shown on screen. Each volume of Picture Sentence Key provides for over 72 possible sentences, animations and sets of PCS symbols.

Picture Sentence Key includes options for normal and inverse scan and use with switch devices for step (one switch) and manual (two switch) scans

What's New in Version 2?

Picture Sentence Key now includes the following new features:

PSK Version 2 examples showing teacher selection of Easy or Hard level

 Easy Level: 2-Symbol Phrase
Hard Level: 4-Symbol Sentence
  with extra column of symbols

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