Products for PC's running Windows

All of our Windows products have been discontinued.
They were formerly sold by
Mayer-Johnson, LLC

Visit the Mayer-Johnson website or call 800 588-4548 toll-free

Some of our Windows products are similar to corresponding iPad apps.
Features in the Windows product may not be in the iPad app and v.v.

Picture Sentence Match™for Windows (discontinued)
-- recognize sentence structure and meaning - supports scan/switch control

Picture Sentence Key™for Windows (discontinued)
-- compose basic sentence structure
- supports scan/switch control

Calcu-Scan™for Windows (discontinued)
-- a scanning calculator and math problem aid

Board-Builder™ (discontinued)
-- create & print PCS communication boards

Board-Builder™ for Macintosh (discontinued)
-- create & print PCS communication boards

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last updated 28 Oct 2014