Our Privacy Policy

In this privacy policy, "we" or "our" means Computerade Products, aka Computerade, and it's owners/developers.

Know what's inside

We follow the "Know what's inside" best practices
for Kid's apps by Moms with Apps!


Privacy Policy: our Apps

No user data is sent to us.

Our apps may save data within the app such as scores so that the user, or an adult working with them, can track performance. This data is not reported to us or to others. No other data is collected or reported to us or to others.

No advertisements.

We do not allow any ads in our apps.

No alerts.

We do not send alerts or other push notifications to the user.

No in-app purchases.

We do not include in-app purchases of any kind.

No web-links or online access.

We do not include links to our website, social media websites (Facebook etc), or any other websites. Our apps do not require internet access in order to run. Our app Help screens may list websites for information and support but they don't include links.

Privacy Policy: this website

We do not collect information about you

Our website www.computerade.com does not record information about visitors except as noted here.

How we use information you send to us.

You can send questions, comments and other iinformation to us by email to support@computerade.com.
If a contact form is provided by us, the information you enter is sent to us as email.

Our email is collected and forwarded by gmail (Google Inc). Emails may be stored indefintely by us or by the hosting services. If you ask us to delete an email we will use our best efforts to do so.

Information sent to us will be used by us to review bugs and requests for changes and new features.

We won't use your comments without permission

Your comments and other information will not be used to promote or describe our apps without your permission.

We keep website statistics

We use a software tool, Google Analytics, to collect statistics and understand how visitors use our website. This tool collects information anonymously and provides reports to us but it does so without identifying individual visitors. Please see the Google Analytics Privacy Policy for more information.

We do not share data with others

We do not forward your email or share information that you provide, to others without your permission.

We do not knowingly allow other companies to use our website to collect data about you

Website hosting

Our website www.computerade.com and email service is hosted by a third-party. Currently it is bluehost.com. Please see the Bluehost Terms of Service for more information about their privacy policies and data security.





updated 11 July 2013