JMB Interactive Design - Portfolio & CV

J Michael Birch

Interactive Designer / Software Engineer: 30+ yrs experience in interactive media and design.
Co-founder of GTE Interactive Media, one of the first all-digital multimedia studios.

Full Resume in PDF format

Products for which I was the designer, producer and/or director of technology include:

SEGA HOLOGRAM ARCADE GAME (Innovative Technology)

hologram hologram

Hologram Flyer



rolling stones rolling stones back


FX FIGHTER GAME (Highest Rating by PC Gsmer)

fx fighter fx fighter back

RAPD ASSAULT (CES Innovation Award)

rapid assault rapid assault rear

PLATO FOR PC (The First Online Education System)


SKYBUS (The First Automated Transit System) Engineer/Programmer


Skybus History:

Skybus Web Video: 


Interactive Videodisc Healthcare Training (Award Winner) Director of Technology

"Shotgun Wound to the Abdomen" by Intelligent Images was featured on TV: St. Elsewhere

JMB Interactive Design Card


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