Catch the Cow™ Cow

Catch the Cow is a low-cost app for the Apple iPad or iPhone. It is available in the Apple App Store.

Catch the Cow helps children and adults with physical disabilities, to learn to select pictures using a scanning device. Initially the user selects one of two squares. Then the level of difficulty gradually increases to select a picture from multiple rows and columns.

Click here for the Catch the Cow User Guide

Catch the Cow for iPad supports but does not need external switches. It uses a large on-screen button as shown below.

screen shot

This screen shows the option button so the teacher/aide/parent can setup options.

screen shot

This screen shows the options including scan modes that can be setup by the teacher.

The difficulty level changes the number of rows and columns.

screen shot


Catch the Cow supports External Switches that are compatible with the Apple Wireless Keyboard.
Make sure that the switch is connected before selecting the External Switch option - see below.

bluetooth connection


Catch the Cow was the first product developed by Computerade. It was originally developed for the Apple II computer!.




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